IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
6–9 January 2024 // Las Vegas, NV, USA

Call For Papers

INTERACT: Workshop on Communication and Networking for TinyML-based Consumer Applications

The INTERACT workshop focuses on a cutting-edge area at the intersection of Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and communication networks. This field is specifically concerned with developing and optimizing techniques for deploying and operating TinyML on IoT devices used in consumer applications while ensuring seamless communication and networking.
The main challenges in this field involve handling the trade-off between resource usage (battery life, data usage) and maintaining high levels of performance and reliability in the machine learning models and communication protocols. This includes optimizing power-efficient algorithms, creating robust low-power communication protocols, managing networks of devices, and ensuring reliable and timely data transfer. 
In summary, the "Communication and Networking for TinyML-based Consumer Applications" area is an exciting and challenging field of research that has the potential to significantly impact the way we interact with technology in our daily lives.

Some possible topics:

  • Novel TinyML Systems
  • Efficient Communication Protocols for TinyML
  • Network Management for TinyML Devices
  • Data Compression in TinyML
  • TinyML Systems Evaluation
  • Security and Privacy in TinyML Networks
  • Edge Computing in TinyML Applications
  • Energy Harvesting for Sustainable TinyML
  • Real-time Processing in TinyML
  • Integration of 5G/6G in TinyML Applications
  • Federated Learning for TinyML
  • Case Studies of TinyML in Consumer Applications