IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
6–9 January 2024 // Las Vegas, NV, USA


PANEL 1:  Emerging Devices, Networks, and Apps for Public Safety: Opportunities and Challenges

Day:  07 January 2024
Time:  3:00-4:30 PM
Location: Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas


  • Mehmet Ulema, Professor, Manhattan College, USA and IEEE Public Safety Technology Initiative Co-Chair
  • Doug Zuckerman, Senior Research Scientist (Retired), Telcordia Technologies, USA and IEEE Public Safety Technology Initiative Co-Chair

Description:  This panel features top experts who will discuss how emerging technologies are changing the way Public Safety agencies communicate, coordinate, and collaborate. Public Safety includes areas such as accident and disaster prevention, protection from hazards, law enforcement, search and rescue operations, and response to and recovery from man-made and natural disasters. In Public Safety, response time, the ability to share information quickly and accurately, and security and reliability of emergency communications and information retrieval are paramount for both routine and emergency situations. Not surprisingly, advances in consumer communications and networking are having a dramatic impact on public safety, as agencies begin to adopt emerging devices, networks, and applications to improve their effectiveness. Significant opportunities and challenges exist for Public Safety personnel as they move from traditional devices and systems to those with AI capabilities, AR/VR, Digital Twins, Blockchain, 5G and beyond, etc. 

Emerging technologies, especially from multiple vendors with a multiplicity of software/hardware platforms, are most effective when they work together. To achieve interoperability, standards have, and will continue to, play a critical role in Public Safety operations and management. Standards with well-defined interfaces and protocols based on industry consensus offer solutions for overcoming interoperability challenges. Also, new technologies are emerging for protecting Public Safety personnel, such as firefighters, in hostile environments; for example lighter protective and better fire retardant gear, goggles with better visibility, devices that operate at extreme conditions, etc.

Note that the IEEE Public Safety Technology Initiative ( is sponsoring the panel


Doug Zuckerman, IEEE Public Safety Technology Initiative Co-Chair
Kathy Grise, IEEE Future Directions, Senior Program Director


  1. Mehmet Ulema - Professor, Manhattan College, USA
  2. Carolyn McGregor AM - Professor,  Ontario Tech University, Canada, and IEEE Public Safety Technology Initiative Co-Chair
  3. Alex Gelman – CTO, NETovation, USA
  4. Kamesh Namuduri - Professor, University of North Texas, USA
  5. Ashutosh Dutta – Senior Research Scientist, APL, John Hopkins University, USA, Chair IEEE Future Networks Community