IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
6–9 January 2024 // Las Vegas, NV, USA

The 1st Annual IEEE Communications Society Demonstration Conference


I warmly welcome you to the IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC) organized by the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Over the past two decades, the CCNC Conference has stood as a distinguished event within the consumer electronics research community, providing a comprehensive exploration of visions and trends through a synergistic mix of industrial and academic contributions. In a notable departure from tradition, this edition of the CCNC conference has been strategically scheduled ahead of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to offer attendees the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the CES event while still having in mind the latest trends that will undoubtedly shape the future of this area.

I hope that each of you will seize these conference days as a valuable opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, foster collaborations, engage in discussions on innovative ideas and learn about the latest research findings. To this aim, we have designed a rich and dense program, featuring keynotes, panels, workshops, tutorials, demonstration, and poster sessions, along with over twenty technical session contributions. These sessions delve into various aspects of next-generation consumer electronics, exploring cutting-edge perspectives ranging from 5G/6G technologies to cybersecurity, from hyper-connectivity to AI-driven systems, and much more.

Creating such a dense program has been an extraordinary undertaking that started nearly a year ago and that have been impossible to accomplish without the unwavering dedication and joint effort of a strong and harmonious team. For this, I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Prof. Silvia Mirri (TPC Chair) and Prof. Zhanghyu Guan (TPC Vice Chair). Their daily commitment, patience, and exceptional competence were fundamental in ensuring the conference's success, as evidenced by the remarkable number of submissions (>300) it received. Furthermore, they orchestrated the efforts of the track chairs, ensuring nothing and no one was overlooked, and fostering a sense of unity among all team members. Equally deserving of acknowledgment is the incredible technical support provided by Dr. Georgios Sklivanitis, the EDAS Chair, who not only configured the system but also offered continuous assistance to authors.

Alongside the main tracks, the CCNC 2024 program includes five workshops, allowing the participants to delve into focused discussions on specific topics within consumer electronics. This accomplishment is credited to Prof. Thorsten Herfet and Won-Yong Shin, the Workshop Chairs, who supervised the entire process, from workshop selection to the final schedule. However, the CCNC 2024 program is not limited to presentation sessions alone! For those who prefer interactive, face-to-face engagements, the program features two rich poster sessions meticulously curated by our Poster Chairs, Prof. Jeongho Kwak and Kazuki Maruta. Similarly, enthusiasts of practical testbeds should not miss the demo session, expertly organized by Prof. Frank den Hartog and Koji Ishibashi. To enhance the variety of ideas and discussions, our exceptional panelists, carefully selected by the Panel Chairs, Prof. Dola Saha and Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, will provide novel insights. Opportunities to delve into innovative concepts and initiate research into new frontiers of consumer communications will be facilitated by the nine tutorials meticulously curated by Profs Ranga Rao Venkatesha Prasad and Han Yu. Lastly, the success of an international conference like CCNC relies heavily on capillary strategy for publicity, news advertising, and clear, immediate communication. Therefore, special thanks are extended to the Web Chair (Dr. Giovanni Delnevo), the Social Media Manager (Prof. Marco Furini), the Publicity and Publication Chairs (Profs. Howon Lee, Gokhan Secinti, Debashri Roy, Luca Sciullo) and the Industry Chair (Dr. Ravikimar Balakrishnan) who played crucial roles in orchestrating these essential aspects.

Last but certainly not least, I extend my gratitude to our patron, VAIMEE, for its support to the conference. My personal acknowledgment goes to Profs. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury (Award Chair) and Bang Chul Jung (Keynote Chair), who previously chaired editions of the CCNC conference: their contributions from past experiences significantly influenced the success of the current conference, and I am deeply grateful for their advice. A special thanks is owed to Ms. Melissa Torres from IEEE for her unwavering assistance throughout all stages of conference organization, patiently responding to thousands of my emails. Lastly, my appreciation goes to the CCNC steering committee, which includes Dr. Alan Kaplan, Doug Zuckermann and Alexander Gelman, for their outstanding guidance. I am grateful for the opportunity they provided me to chair such a prestigious and unique event.

Marco Di Felice, General Chair of IEEE CCNC 2024 

Full Professor in Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy